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It’s amazing the testimonies we hear as a result of the sign scriptures displayed! One thing I under-estimated when this all began was how many different ways a single scripture could minister to so many different people. We as a whole, tend to overlook what people are truly facing each day; we meet people in the malls, gas stations or at work, etc… but do we really know the deep intimate issues they may be facing at that very moment we pass them by? At the sign, I see the cars passing by, and in those cars I see many people, but do I really understand what each person is dealing with at that particular moment as they drive past, reading the sign message each morning and afternoon? The answer is: I don’t, but I love to witness and hear how God does! I’ve grown to understand that the people driving past the sign each day aren’t just another face, or car to add to the statistics, but rather a child of God, who Jesus is reaching out His hand of encouragement too. Some are going to work to face a difficult challenge, some are on their way back from the Dr’s, possibly having heard a bad report, some are on their way to pay their last respects to a loved one, some just returning from signing their divorce papers, some who have just been laid off,  some who have just heard they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, some are seeking, some just have questions, the angry, the depressed, the lonely, the hurting, the scared…The main point I’m making is this, the sign is there for us all, and God’s Word meets us wherever we are at! Most importantly it’s turning many peoples focus towards God and off their present circumstances.

Recently the S4J Board of Directors has voted to pursue another Sign for Jesus, the details of the exact location are still in the works, but I can say it will be located on a heavily traveled route in the vicinity of Concord NH.  Right now we have a need to raise $20,000.00 to purchase another high tech LED sign and the cost associated with permitting and erecting the sign.

Please join with us in your prayers and by showing your financial support today, every donation of any size helps, and truly makes a difference in the life’s of many.

Signs for Jesus is a 501C3 non-profit organization and your gifts are tax deductible.

Be Blessed!

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