New sign location in Pembroke NH

We have some very excited news to share! Recently God has opened some unexpected doors for us to raise a new Sign for Jesus on a heavily traveled road in Pembroke NH , which is a connecting corridor for the two cities of Concord and Hooksett. What’s even more amazing is how God has put this all together and confirmed His plan in so many miraculous ways to me. Over the years we have faithfully saved every penny possible in anticipation of the fuller vision God has given, which was to place more signs for Jesus. I’m happy to report to you that because of your support we had saved enough to this date to cover the full expenses of another high quality LED sign. Unfortunately we are now facing some familiar difficulties, like what we faced in Chichester NH , with the Town of Pembroke NH. The Town of Pembroke has denied our permit on the basis our type of LED signage is not permitted in the district we propose, however in this same district the Pembroke school and two gas stations operate the LED signage we propose. We are also told in the district the sign would be allowed, churches are not. Once again we find ourselves taking a stand for our freedom of speech and religion that our forefathers fought and died for. In the past month we have very quickly expended 25% of our sign budget on legal fees, in an effort to obtain the sign permit.The board of directors and I are convinced God has put this together, and so we are confident He will supply all our needs. We are asking for your prayers for strength and to finish the task God has placed with us, we are also asking for your financial support as God leads you. We will keep you updated as we progress. Expect great things!06-16-2015-200547

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2 Responses to New sign location in Pembroke NH

  1. Jeffery Seymour says:

    Please take down those stupid signs. There is no god or Jesus.

  2. Staci says:

    Saw your sign in Chichester today while on the way to Concord. I found it very encouraging and uplifting to see! Thank you for being brave and sharing the Gospel with New Hampshire!

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