There have been incidents in which Signs For Jesus has been mislabeled,  misrepresented,  or otherwise misunderstood. Of course, it’s impossible and unrealistic to defend against every false assertion or assumption. I have created this page, Frequently Asked Questions; in an effort to clear up some misconceptions and to be more informative to those who are following, supporting or just have questions about Signs For Jesus. Also, if you have questions, please email them to me at fab.cusson@signs4jesus.com as I plan to periodically add to the Questions and Answers as the need arises.


Q:  Rather than spending money on LED signs, wouldn’t a much more effective way to express God’s Love to the lost be to use that money toward feeding the hungry, providing shelter or clothing to those in need?

A: While charitable deeds are very commendable and all Christians are instructed to be charitable, Signs For Jesus must recognize and focus on the particular task the Lord has called us into. Of course we understand man hungers for food, requires clothing and shelter. In fact in Luke 4:2 the Bible tells us that even Jesus was hungry! The Devil actually tempted Jesus while he hungered to turn stone into bread but Jesus answered him, saying, “It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD of God”. Jesus knew he was called to a task and did not allow His hunger to change his focus. It wasn’t always easy, but Jesus accomplished all the father had set before him without being distracted from His mission. Of course Signs For Jesus believes in feeding the hungry, visiting the widow, caring for our orphans, and we believe that is exactly what we are doing. Let us not underestimate the power of God’s Word. Always trusting, as the Word of God takes hold in someones heart, as their spirit begins to align with His Spirit, all these other physical needs are also met.

In God’s Words:

Matthew 6:33  seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

In man’s words:

Buy a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for life….

Q: Why do you have to have an LED sign? Why can’t you use a billboard sign and change the letters each day?

A: First I want to stay true to the original vision, which was always a programmable LED sign. I don’t want to compromise the original vision by accepting less then what God has in store. We must be aware that as these signs go up, we will be representing the Lord. Signs For Jesus must maintain complete message control over them at all times.  We must do it with complete excellence. This means we don’t take chances with signs that could poorly present the Word of God with missing or hanging letters every time the wind blows, misspellings  or even worse, signs that are vulnerable to being changed by any vandal who may wish to either defame the sign, or otherwise change the wording etc.. Also these LED signs are programmable via internet with software that allows preset messages months, even years in advance. During the regular work week(Mon-Fri) the intention will be to display carefully chosen scriptures that build upon the previous day, leading readers to a certain conclusion by the Friday afternoon commute. Think of the logistics involved if we have to rely on so many different people across the country to physically change the messages each day, having no way of checking every single sign for accuracy! I also considered inclimate weather or any other host of transportation issues that can arise prohibiting the message changes. Lastly. Contrary to many beliefs, we do not propose a “neon sign” or a flashy “Vegas style” sign. What we propose is a dimly lit static sign ( meaning not changing) with message hold times of many hours. In fact these signs can be used quite responsibly and very respectfully. Our sign of choice produces virtually no light pollution or glare and can be arranged & designed in such a way to fit in with most any landscape.

Q: Some have said Chichester simply does not allow this type of electronic sign, If that is the case why do you feel you should be allowed to have one? Do you think you are somehow “above the law”, and not subject to the same laws as others because you are a Christian?

A: The town of Chichester has stated over and over again that this has nothing to do with anything other then “we do not allow electronic signs”. The problem is really Chichester’s zoning ordinances for signage, which do not state this. The sign ordinances for Chichester do not even mention electronic signs! In fact their very own Site ordinances for signs state that electronic message signs are permitted after town meeting if they do not flash, blink or flutter. Our proposed sign will not flash, will not blink, will not scroll, will not flutter, will not morph, etc.. We are not asking for an approval for a sign that does these things. The Planning Board and Zoning Board have pointed to a lightning ordinance which was designed with the intention of dealing with any potential light glare and night time sky pollution. We have provided the documentation to both boards to prove that our proposed  sign does not produce any light glare, and virtually no light pollution. We have also shown that our sign will dim itself down as the sunsets and will be far less brightly lit then many of the other lights or  lighted signs up and down Rte 4. We do not feel we are “above the law” in anyway. We are actually following the laws of the land by bringing this matter up on appeal to the Chichester ZBA. Isn’t this why we have a Zoning Board of Adjustments in place, so we can request, and then they can make reasonable adjustments? I feel I should mention I have had excellent opportunity to bypass the town altogether and go straight to Superior court with a suit over this matter. But at this point, I feel that would only cause more undue controversy.  I’m convinced the local ordinances are in support of what Sign For Jesus proposes. I feel it is an act of good faith to pursue the matter locally and to trust God for a positive outcome that aligns with his will.

Q: Is all this media attention helpful to Signs For Jesus or does it just cause a distraction to the ministry?

A: It’s a great question that must be addressed! I have put a lot of thought into this myself. A question that must be visited from many angles. While the media attention has gained Sings For Jesus much opportunity, either by publicly sharing with others how God’s Word changed my life or by receiving offers from all across our country to place these signs; it also may have created a  false appearance (in some cases) that maybe we don’t feel we are subject to the laws of our land, or that we are just looking for the controversy and the attention it brings. While the latter are completely untrue, nevertheless it can still create that appearance, especially with those who do not share our vision. It is important to point out that any media attention Signs For Jesus has received has been completely unsolicited. I’m staying in prayer on this and seeking God’s Wisdom moving forward. I want to check myself and my motives.  I also receive and make myself subject to regular council from Godly men continually. I am looking to the Lord and His Word for guidance forward. I will leave you with this scripture to ponder:

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

Q: Don’t you think that using a sign on the street corner is a little pushy? Why do you want “shove” or “push” your beliefs in God down other peoples throat?

A. This has never been about “pushing or shoving” anything. We are simply inviting others to read God’s Word and to get to know Him personally. Signs For Jesus will do this by displaying God’s Word on signs, publicly. If the invitation to read is accepted, then it becomes an opportunity for those readers to experience the truth of God’s Word for themselves. The terms “shove” or “push” something down my throat infers that Signs For Jesus is somehow forcing those who drive pass not only to read the sign, but to also receive what is read. Again, we are simply displaying God’s Word publicly, trusting in the power of God’s Word to do exactly what He says it will do. For those who do not wish to read the sign, I can assure you there are no “secret plans” in place to force them to do so.

Rev 22: 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely….

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  1. blinky signs says:

    This is a good guide for use of changeable or programmable led signs for churches. Thanks

  2. 2011 Challenger says:

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Rauel says:

    How much do you still need to raise?

    • fab.cusson@signs4jesus.com says:

      We need about 45,000.00 to erect the control room, purchase the sign and have it installed. The small control room (for now) will also double as the Signs For Jesus main office; where we also control other signs from.

  4. Terell says:

    God Bless you in this! :) Christ is worth telling about no matter what the cost

  5. Malcolm says:

    Every time I pass by the sign, I think to myself, “What an amazing ministry this is!” Thank you for going through with this!

  6. Krystal says:

    I love the sign and slow down to read it as i go by :) I think it’s a great place for it to because of all the travelers on that road.

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