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161 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jennifer Crandall says:

    I think these signs are wonderful. I think they should be all over this country.

    • lol says:

      These signs are a terrible idea, everyone has different opions on god and we should not have to look at your brainwashed texts every time we drive down a street.

      • Natalie says:

        Yes that is true everyone has different opinions about a lot of things not just “god.” But as Christians we don’t allow those signs to brainwash us about how we should look, what we should wear and what type of beverage to drink…The world is full of signs all negative. We know that we are all created in God’s image. We love the Lord and know exactly what the Lord has done in our lives. I think the signs are a great idea and I will pray for Fab to continue on spreading the Word of God and any stumbling blocks that may come your way are removed in the name of Jesus! Bring your signs to Philadelphia PA!!!

      • yeahright says:

        If you don’t like it, don’t look. Sound familiar? That’s what I hear when I voice my opinion about the smutty commericals, and the filthy smut club signs all over the place. He has every right to put that sign. If my house was close to a main road I would be glad to put one in my yard. Keep up the good work.

      • Rich Cominskie says:

        You don’t have to look, you control where your eyes go. It’s ridiculous and pathetic that people are crying over this. Everyone has their own opinions? Well why are you allowed to protest God, and we not allowed to support him? I’m only 16, and aren’t even crying over something this petty.

      • Von says:

        Get real lol…we have to look at many signs everyday. Naked women, to alcohol, to cigarettes you name it and THAT”S NOT BRAIN WASHING?? Come on it like this, just like every other sign, you read it, filter it and you decide if you agree. Gods word can only bring light to a dark world. This world has already been brain washed with so many negative things just look around you. If you have problem with it don’t look, but those signs will not brain wash no one. The signs will place a little bit of Gods word every where and that could make a WORLD of difference while driving / or walking etc.. So signs 4 Jesus KEEP IT COMMING.

        • Great point. I teach etiquette, manners, social skills and character development and it is difficult when such vulgarities and poor modeling is on our TV’s, music, billboards, etc. How are our children ever to develop good morals, integrity, an empathetic heart and concerns for the well-being of fellow humans. The 2nd Great Commandment is to “love thy neighbor” as ourselves. Loving ourselves is becoming more and more problematic as we are fed poor role modeling in almost every aspect of our culture.
          God is watching and everything is in Divine Order – no worries – he feeds the birds and knows when every sparrow falls.
          Our Great Nation was founded by men espousing God.
          Everything works for the good for those who love God. Loving neighbors can never be an unseemly act.

      • Nicholas says:

        ‘Everyone has different opinions on God’, The word of God is not peoples opinions, but rather texts from the prophets and the words of Jesus Christ himself. I’m sorry but your argument is nonsensical.

      • May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe all of the days of your life and the same for those you love.

      • lol – May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe all of the days of your life and the same for those you love.

      • Dear lol comment on September 5th,
        Maybe it’s time you got a good brain wash.
        It isn’t your or my opinion that counts in the end. It’s God’s.
        He loves you and wants to have you know Him and have a relationship with Him to give you LIFE.
        May God bless your attitude.

    • Gary Jame says:

      I agree completely, God’s word can change lives! There is really no better use of signs.

  2. gerald leaman says:

    Super idea…it’s what the Country needs…go for it…don’t give up.
    God bless you richly!

  3. Andrew Christian says:

    I saw your story on Fox and fell in love with the idea. I had a similar idea a couple of years ago with posting the Ten Commandments on various billboards across the country. I praise the Lord that you are being more faithful and obedient that I am in actually going through with this. I pray that God blesses your efforts and gives you support and funding for this.
    I understand that due to the nature of your idea that the signs must be electronic so they can be updated over the web everyday. What a great idea!
    Although, you may want to consider changing the signs less frequently. Imagine if you left a particular verse up for a month? Those who drove by everyday would subconsciously have the verse memorized after a while. Then next month you change it and they learn a new one.
    You are not only exposing non-believers to the Word, but you are also helping believers “hide His Word in their heart”.

    Praise Him and grace to you,

    • lawrence says:

      I also saw you on fox
      first I would like to say to see topic on fox is already is a victory cause millions just saw it..even my story also is an example of why people who are lost need a chance to see, this is a big thing for all the CHURCH to pray for…
      Meaning the BODY of CRIST. supporting you from Glasco K.S. your all in our prayers
      I will be telling the CHURCH I go today about it, may are God see are prayers and get the GLORY..Lawrence and Karen

      • says:

        Thank you very much. This is going to be a grass roots effort to raise funds, land and people. Keep us in your prayers and may I suggest you read the “rest of the story” on our website so you can better understand how the Lord brought this out. Blessings to you, Fab

        • Fab,
          May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe all of the days of your life and the same for those you love. You about our creator’s business and his Will will be done. Prayers abound among all of those I have shared this with that your good intentions shall be manifest in all those who are exposed to your signs. I have Faith far greater than the size of a mustard seed. All is in Divine Order. Please join Facebook as your time permits so we can help your cause and crusade. Monies will flow into your efforts.
          Your sister in the Faith.

  4. Lance Bailey says:

    Hi Fab!
    I think your idea ROCKS!!! I too had my life changed by Jesus Christ.
    Interestingly, I have an internet ministry as well as have experience in the sign business. Respectfully, I offer my advice to you, and I hope you consider it.
    Please consider abandoning legal action. Yes, it gets you exposure on, when you hear words like “Willing to go to Federal Court…”, and certainly that is the route that secular organizations like the ACLU take.
    I for one do not interpret Jesus’ admonitions instructions from the Sermon on the Mount as absolutely forbidding ligitation, still, I think that in this case it looks wrong. It looks like the ACLU’s approach. They oppose Christians even when Christians operated within the law.
    This is one of those situations where the municaplity has a regulation. If would be one thing if they allowed electronic signs for businesses, but NOT for you, but according to the article THAT is not the case. They have the boneheaded, old fasfioned policy of no-electronic signs period. As someone who has been on the sign business, you have to respect those decisions, shake your heads and go on. Municipalities differ in this regarding signs. Some prohibit, some allow but with size restrictions, others are wide open with no restrictions. My advice is to seek another location, so you don’t come across negatively in terms of disobedience to the law. I admire your ambition.
    But drop the suit. It makes us look like trouble makers. There are many municipalities and interstates to cover. Go get em!

    • says:

      Great point Lance and well taken. Ive struggled with this at length.Unfortunately, the comment I would be willing to go to Federal court was cut-off due to time constraints, the end of that statement was “but we are very hopeful and quite confident that will not happen”. Chichester’s signage ordinances do not mention the prohibition of electronic message signs — on top of that, their site review regs. clearly allow electronic signs as long as they do not flutter, blink or flash. I purchased the land based on this understanding. The first meeting with Chichesters Planning Board Signs for Jesus was denied on three levels. 1. They determined that erecting Signs, for Jesus, was not what they considered a “business use” of the property- despite the fact Signs For Jesus is a registered NH business. 2. They felt Signs4jesus was out of character for the “village commercial feel”. Lastly they denied our sign based on a lighting ordinance which deals with nigh time light pollution & glare – not signs. Funny though, our proposed sign will not produce any light pollution or glare, though other signs, which operate lights across the street from us- generate far more light pollution! Our sign is a static message, that changes every 24 hours, fully controllable based on night and day time light.

      So while I do not want the controversy, I also struggle with the idea of giving up.

  5. Alex Rimbey says:

    Do you have an email list? I would like to be updated on the fight to put your signs up. I believe this to be a great IN YOUR FACE program. I would like to see one of these signs in Ithaca NY, sure to on of the most liberal cities in the United States. The people of Ithaca deeply need to here the word of God. Lastly, 48% of Ithaca’s population is made up of immigrants. God’s word would have a global impact as the students go back to there countries each year.


  6. W says:

    How about one across from the proposed mosque in New York?

      • david anderson says:

        if your intent is to share the gospel in new york and make people aware i say go for it. if your intent is only revenge then shame on you.

      • and an “Awomen” on it too! My mom had a funny saying “Time Waits For No Man and Very Few Women”. She had a great sense of humor – she died 12 years ago; however, I asked God for a double blessing of mom’s faith and thus far it appears he is granting my request. She also said, “You Cannot Out give God, No Matter how much he has led me to give tithes and offerings, his blessings far out weight my gifts.
        Have a fantabulously Blessed day.
        Loved your comment.

  7. Harvey Kemper says:

    Keep up the wonderful work for the Lord. I wish there were 10,000 of them posted throughout the mountains of the Ozarks in Arkansas.
    I’ll put you and the site on my daily prayer list and I’ll pray that God continues to bless your efforts to reach lost folks.

    God Blesss the USA and our troops and their families.

    Your brother in the Lord,

    H Kemper

  8. John Schragg says:

    I would love to help out in anyway I can. I love the idea of having these signs all over the country!!!! We need to get this done it will spark Christ in all the lives of those that are lost and looking for help. We need Christ in the lives of Americans more!!! It will make us a stronger Country!!!!

  9. Alison M Sweeney says:

    Just saw your story on Fox News Network. Bless you for providing His powerful and beautiful Word to help all those who see it and read it. I am praying that you are able to continue the sign as is…illuminated.
    God bless you and thanks for spreading His Word.

  10. Erik Fegenbush says:

    you go! Keep up the fight for Christ. There are so many in this country that will cower to politics and outside pressure. Not you…you are being obedient and probably many will support your fight. We can build a mosque in Manhattan but the Muslim world won’t even let us speak to their people about Christ. We should at least start our stand here in America and never back down. Thank you for not backing down.


  11. I pray they let you put up your signs!!! Over 35 years ago Jesus set me free from nicotine! I literally stood on John 8:32 “and you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” Every time I felt the craving to smoke, I would quote that verse, and 5 days later, the desire to smoke was 100% gone!!! Christ also freed me from alcohol! The morning after my receiving Him, I woke up alcohol free!!!

  12. Tim Davis says:

    Saw your story on Fox News. We are praying that your sign goes up. Awesome testimony. Keep telling of His goodness among the people.

  13. David Shafir says:

    What you do brings only good.

    I wish you good luck and success.

  14. Jason says:


    Great message. God bless you. Get on Facebook so I can help you get your message out!


  15. Jared Pentz says:

    This is a horrible idea, due to your own tunnel visioning. You really think people would care about your signs is a failure to understand human nature, also shows your naiveté. Freedom of Religion allows us to practice any religion we want without prosecution; it says nothing about trying to convince others of our own beliefs, which is exactly what you are doing. I hope they never allow your signs because thats not what religion is about. Keep your feelings to yourself and do not impose them upon anyone else. People have freewill and free thought and will choose whatever belief system they want regardless of what your signs say. Churches have been using signs like this for years, people will drive by and never stop to read unless they are already of the book. Then you would have simply wasted your money. Do NOT try to impose your beliefs on anyone else. How would you feel if other religions and non-religions started doing the same thing. Like Muslims putting up signs about the prophet Muhammad or atheists telling people that god is dead. Its pointless and a waste of time and money. You want to help people go to church and talk to those who want to listen.

    • says:

      It’s not about forcing “religion” on anyone or about getting in your face.

      It’s an invitation to know Jesus.

      Mathew 22
      Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come.
      “Then he sent some more servants and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’
      “But they paid no attention and went off—one to his field, another to his business. The rest seized his servants, mistreated them and killed them. The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.
      “Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’ So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.

      Revelation 22:17

      The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

    • Bob Betts says:

      “Freedom of Religion allows us to practice any religion we want without prosecution; it says nothing about trying to convince others of our own beliefs, which is exactly what you are doing.”

      I believe Freedom of Speech covers publicizing religious messages to our neighbors.

      “How would you feel if other religions and non-religions started doing the same thing. Like Muslims putting up signs about the prophet Muhammad or atheists telling people that god is dead.”

      Interestingly, when I was 17 during the Viet Nam war, I was an agnostic investigating atheism. “God is dead!” was one of the signs I saw that gave me pause, as I wondered, “If God is dead, then there must have been a God to begin with. But, how would God die?” A year later I received Christ, and have since followed my wonderful Savior and Lord. The idea of an atheist saying God is dead, is rather comical, since it at least admits that there WAS a God.

      Sure, let every religion put up their own signs. I may not like their particular message, but I love the freedom of speech. I suspect you do to, Jared. You also have the freedom to ignore all religious messages and the evengelistic methods employed, wherever they may be seen or heard. While we celebrate Jesus, you and we should celebrate our shared, American freedoms. What would this country be like if YOU could be fined or imprisoned for expressing your own beliefs, by publically quoting your own favorite political and anti-religion figures?

      Celebrate freedom while it lasts. I could end.

    • JC says:

      Your spirited denial shows where your heart is. If it’s a “waste of time and money”…its not yours. Why do you care? May God bless you anyway.

    • SJ Underwood says:

      Jared: “Freedom of Religion allows us to practice any religion we want without prosecution; it says nothing about trying to convince others of our own beliefs, which is exactly what you are doing. I hope they never allow your signs because thats not what religion is about. Keep your feelings to yourself and do not impose them upon anyone else.”
      Actually, Christianity is about spreading the message that Christ has died so you don’t have to spend internity in Hell (the punishment for sin). How much would I have to HATE you to not tell you? It’s bail to get out for something you actually deserve, eternal death. I love therefore I tell, if I don’t it’s actually a sin on my part b/c I have not done as God commands. ()

      you also said: “People have freewill and free thought and will choose whatever belief system they want regardless of what your signs say.”
      Well yes, that’s the point. I can tell you about God (or put a verse on a sign) but you have freewill to think about, accept, or reject it. Afterall you don’t (or at least I hope you don’t) go yelling at every billboard and traffic sign that you don’t have to believe in that product or any road danger ahead… I don’t suppose you get mad whenever the media refernces evoluion or athiesm- those are beliefs too you know….

      • Sarah Reega says:

        To clarify, evolution is not a belief. Evolution is a scientific theory accepted widely by every modernized country other than some religious people on the US. Evolution is more scientifically supported than the theory of gravity. And no, scientific theory is not the same as what we generally refer to as theories. It is not theoretical, and there really is no argument about it.

        It’s pathetic that it has taken three years for someone to clarify such a fundamental error of basic understanding.

        • says:

          Evolution is a scientific theory not a proven fact, and just becaase it is widely accepted doesn’t make it correct. At one point it was also widely accepted that the world was flat… Scientific theories are explanations and interpretations of the facts – subject to human error. Fact is, we are here in existence, and the theory of evolution fails miserbly at proving how something came from nothing. I should also like to point out that calling gravity a theory is erronious. Gravity is a fact, a scientific law, hence the law of gravity. The “theory” in gravity mereley attempts to explain why or how we have gravity, but none the less we have gravity and it cannot be disputed.

          • Sarah says:

            Gravity has been disputed many times in recent years; do your research.

            The great thing about science is that you can have an opinion about it but at the end of the day it isn’t based on opinions and non-fictional literature written from unknown sources forever ago.

          • says:

            Sarah- By your own words …The fact gravity has been disputed doesn’t do away with the FACT we are subject to gravity! If someone disputes gravity…well, that’s their opinion. As you point out we are not dealing with opinions, we are looking at facts. Gravity exist = fact, evolution is an opinion, and Jesus lives!

    • Marie says:

      So who exactly is getting prosecuted here??
      They are simply advertising words from the Bible.. I believe under Freedom of Religion, they should be able to do this.. otherwise they are the ones being banned from their own lawful right to express themselves- and that should lead people to complain.

      I also believe that there are billboards out their about the Muslim religion already..

    • Jared – our neighbor,
      How would anyone know about any religion or spiritually uplifting faith if they were not exposed to its’ offerings. It should be okay for others to tell of help they have received at the hands of that which is greater than ourselves.
      May you and those you love be blessed forever and always. May the light allows shine on your face and I pray you will be the kind of role model for those around you in your thoughts, actions, love and compassion for your neighbor. Freedom of speech is one of the founding principles of our country. You are right in that if another would have you not be able to share your views, opinions, etc., it would and could very well be “spirit-breaking”.
      You appear to have lots to share – and I, for one, am willing to hear you out.
      Sent with the most humble of intentions.

  16. Norma Thompson says:

    Saw your story at Fox News and i think it is awesome what you are doing. Great idea!! Keep fighting for what is right and continue to preach the gospel. God bless you and your family.

  17. Joe Visvader says:

    Electronic signboards are distracting to drivers. This is especially a problem at night. Feel free to believe in Jesus. Feel free to proclaim that belief, but not in a manner that endangers myself or members of my family.

  18. Scott LaRue says:

    Just saw your story on FOX news. It’s your property, do what you wish. Good luck in your fight. I’m not a deeply religious man, however, I do believe in our constitution. This is your God given 1st amendment right.

  19. Kathy Egan says:

    Express your beliefs freely and those who choose to see; will. Pay no attention to nay sayers; Persevere. This is your constitutional God given right. Perhaps, there is a way to display without dangerous distraction.

  20. Norma says:

    Electronic signs are every where, store signs, everything is signs and electronic and we don’t go and crash just because we look at the signs. If that was the case, can you imagine? If they distract drives all they have to do is not look at them and problem solved!

  21. Jason says:

    Just saw your story on FOX news. Keep on spreading the gospel. Signs like these are a continual encouragement to me when I need a Word from the Lord! God bless you!!!

  22. Mimi says:

    Hi. Heard about you on Fox News. Love the idea. We need more people in this country who are willing to stand up for Jesus. Just mentioning the name “Jesus” sure gets a lot of unbelievers stirredup. But, we Christians don’t make decisions based on what unbelievers think about it. We follow the One named Jesus. We care what He thinks about it.
    I’m very proud of you and your efforts. I wish more there were more like you.
    I will keep watching you and help with funds when I can. I’m on a fixed income.

  23. Don Smith says:

    Dear friend and fellow believer,
    I AM THRILLED TO READ OF your efforts to proclaim the Word of God. I am a pastor and always glad to hear of someone attempting to get the word out! However, as a sign company owner also, I have to say that the wisdom of fighting the city over this is wasted, EXCEPT for the publicity you are receiving for the effort. If the city doesn’t allow LEDs then be fair and understanding of this. Put a sign up somewhere else. Seems you own the property. Even so, it is considered an off-premise non-conforming non commercial sign. I don’t know many municipalities anywhere that would allow this. If you could find another way, or perhaps another city that would allow it, go for it. Another idea is, if you were to actually build an office to house your outreach on that location, then put a reader board with changeable copy on it… Again, I love the Word and your heart to spread the Gospel, but if you can do this, anyone could put any message out there and that could open the door to all kinds of negative and destructive messages. God bless you!!!!

    • says:

      The sign in Chichester will be an on site sign, the signs For Jesus offices will be here, it’s a 10 acre parcel of commercial property. We have already won on two other appeals, our proposed sign will be a “conforming use” of the property once we get pass the lightning pollution issues. Blessings Fab

  24. Austin W says:

    I think I am going to put up a sign in my front yard with different scriptures every week for people to see. I will put at the top if you give me permission to do so. I cant make one that lights up but I can make one with letters that I can put on it. Sure it’s not fancy but it doesnt matter, as long as it shares the word of God. I will send you a picture when it is finished.

  25. John says:

    Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. melinda kimblad says:

    im not sure by putting up signs will bring people to jesus but i admire your effort. maybe, i guess, if it at least gets them talking about it will open their minds and hearts to listen to a christain or pick up the bible. we have to hit them crom all sides. thanks for what you do.

  27. cary says:

    i have a few pieces of land in florida maybe useful for jesus signs

  28. Edward Ybarra says:

    It’s about time. This light pollution? HIPOCRACY. Continue down the path, it looks rather green. God be with us all.


  29. Fab, praise the Lord for people like you!!! Bring your signs to South Louisiana and we’ll put them up on every street corner. I saw you on Fox and Friends and I think you are truly a disciple of Christ. This world needs more people like you. The world is going to hell in a hand basket due to political correctness and people taking God out of their lives. People everywhere are asking why God is turning His back on us. He’s not! He’s just giving us the freedom to choose to either praise Him or ignore Him. His love is an unending, everlasting love. But we have to choose to accept it and love Him back. It’s not something He forces upon us. And until the world realizes that, we will forever be snared by the Devil’s evil.

    God Bless you and everyone helping you.

  30. Ralph Stokes says:

    Great idea, wrong Bible. You quoted the verse, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The word of God. You have to have the word of God. What you are using, the New King James Version according to the way it puts II Cor 4:3 a man can be somewhere between saved and lost. Is there such a place? That like a woman being pregnant but not pregnant.

  31. ForLoveAlone says:

    Let me know how i can help. I’d love to, Keep following the spirit, rejoice in tribulation.

  32. Linda says:

    Wonderful idea. I believe we have gotten in this state in our country because we have sat back and let everyone else go to court and win their battles to take God out of everything….please keep going.
    I think the signs are a wonderful idea :)
    Wish I had some land….

  33. Southern Baptist says:

    What do you charge for these signs?

    • says:

      Its a community effort to raise the fund for each sign. The idea right now is to involve and engage the body of Christ.

  34. Southern Baptist says:

    I love ‘moderated’ comments: that means you only post positive comments.

    You are as bad as the TV preachers conning people out of their money for your own profit.

    God will remember you USING HIM to make money.

    If you really want to serve God you will do it at ZERO profit.

    • says:

      Signs For Jesus is not about profits or myself, its about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. I work full time during the day as a home builder.
      Blessings Fab

    • Southern Baptist,
      I believe the “moderated” is so that hopefully those posting will help keep vulgar or inappropriate comments in check – TRUE – you may argue that you have the right to free speech – no matter the content; however, I teach etiquette, character education, social skills and good manners to help us all make better use of our language so as not to be offensive – TRUE – everyone has the right to use the language of their choice. I am just standing strong for good role modeling by as many as possible in the best interest of our children as they imitate the good, bad and ugly. I know in your heart (as a Southern Baptist) this is your intent and desire.
      Blessings on you and those you love,

  35. Helen says:

    Fab, what a fabulous idea. Keep on with this. I saw your story on Fox news and have to say that I am cheering you on. If I had roadside land available you could be sure that you could use it to put up your sign.

    The Word really is what America needs. It will indeed change your life. I am evidence of that.

    Maybe you could put your signs in church yards across America.

    God will send labourers forth to work in this harvest.

    Keep courage and faith be strong and don’t quit.

  36. lisa says:

    i just saw you on FOX news and it stirred my heart. i am fortunate to live in rural america where issues like these exist, but not to the magnitude that they do in more populated areas. i would be willing to help out in any way i can to spread the word, i believe this is what is killing america, lack of Jesus!!!!! we need to put prayer back in schools and let people know we won’t back down. i will tell everyone i know about yor website, keep up your awesome job of spreading the word, and please contact me if you need any extra bodies. i am so insprired….stay strong!!!!!!

  37. Joey Collins says:

    Hello I saw you on Fox News and I wanted to see about donating some land so you could put up a sign in my Home Town, Although I live in the Bible Belt I think this is a Great way of Reaching People And we Should All Think Outside the Box On Different Ways to spread the Gospel to a Hurting World. I have some property that is on a Major 4 lane Highway That is being built, the road should be completed Next Spring. Let me know How much Property you need and how it works to donate land. God Bless you and Godspeed Ahead !

  38. Jill says:

    I just saw you on Fox News. Great job and praise God for you and your efforts! If you can get a facebook page up quick we can utilize it to get the message out as well. People will click “like” for a fb page sometimes faster than typing in a website link. We can post this link on fb too, just thinking of ways to help out :-)

  39. Ron Dailey says:

    I saw you on Fox News. I have about 2 acres of land that is travelled by everyday frequently. I will allow you to put the sign on it. I do not have the money to assist for the sign. I have already put up a billboard type sign that reads, One nation under God.
    Your sign would serve well on my property. It’s available at no cost for you to do this, and I thank you for doing so. Ron

  40. carol j menig says:

    This is one of the better things I’ve heard of lately, wish I could afford to put one of these up in my front yard!

  41. Kevin says:

    Hey Jared Pentz,
    In your post on September 3rd, you wrote in reference to the idea for the signs: Keep your feelings to yourself and do not impose them upon anyone else. Your post defines irony perfectly. If you disagree with his idea, but adhere to your own advice, you would not have posted..

    Anyway, Mr. Cusson is right. No one is forcing religion here, but rather extending an invitation. I DO AGREE with you on one point: People have freewill and free thought and will choose whatever belief system they want regardless of what your signs say.

    While that is true, maybe just maybe a seed was planted. God bless you, Jared.

  42. Rita says:

    I saw you on FOX News. Love the idea. I am always thinking of ideas to get God’s Word out. Jesus said. “not to hide our light under a basket.” “To go out in the highways and hedges” And if you are ashamed of Me I will be ashamed of you.”
    You are welcome to put up a sign on my property anytime.God Bless you for your wonderful work! You will be blessed!

  43. Marie Smith says:

    Saw your program on Fox this morning. We are interested in putting one of your signs on our lot in town. Please let us know what the process is. Thank you and God Bless you for your work!

  44. a connelly says:

    Jesus and his message are welcome on my front lawn any time.

  45. Kaye Pazell says:

    I have property in NM and TN. I would love to put a sign up on each property?

    Thank you for bring Christ back into this country


  46. Jackie Williams says:

    Hi Fab,
    I just saw your story on FOX and I think your idea is awesome. We need more people standing up for Jesus, now more than ever. I pray for your success with spreading this all across the country. God bless you and keep up the great work. I’ll continue to pray for you. I’m on a fixed income but I want to donate to your cause and will do so soon.

  47. Patty Mills says:

    I don’t have any land to offer but I will keep you and your mission in prayer. The Lord’s word never returns a void and all of us who love your idea should keep this in prayer. We serve a mighty God and through Him all things are possible. May the Lord intercede and remove all obstacles as they may come. Blessings —

  48. More and more our right of freedom of speech is being denied. I’m a member of the United States Council that can offer help in your fight with local sign restrictions and miss informed city fathers concerning the use of signs.

  49. Rich Bram says:


    I respectfully disagree with your initiative. Religion is a personal choice and that choice should be respected by all. Your initiative not only blatantly disrespects others who do not share your religious belief, but it is also extremely arrogant and rude.

    Thank you,

    Rich Bram

    • Rich,
      You would not want others to censor your actions, think on it a spell.
      Blessings on your and those you love. May the light forever shine on you and those you love and keep all of you safe from harm.

      • Rich Bram says:

        Hi Helen

        Thanks for the good wishes.

        My disagreement is not about censor…it’s about respect for others. Surely you can appreciate why Biblical quotes posted prominently on signs may be offensive to those who don’t share your Christian belief. Many, many beliefs are observed in this country…personally, I think we should respect them all…but this sign initiative will serve to project dominance of the Christian faith over all others…to me, that is clearly disrespectful.

        Thanks again for your reply,

  50. elton says:

    I think your idea is inspired by God! Christ says in John 12:32 that when He is lifted up that He will draw all people unto Himself.

    I would encourage you to contact churches thst already have electronic lighted signs and encourage them to put Bible verses on them. So many of these church signs are used for sayings and “corny” (my opinion) statements that do not nearly have the impact of God’s Word. Just a rhought…

    God bless you and good courage to you!

  51. Pingback: Lighting the Way: Signs for Jesus Blocked | God Discussion

  52. Daniel Anderson says:

    Although I do not believe that signs bring may into your church. I do believe that God’s Word posted on a sign does open a lot of windows. I have people comment on what was written on our old delappidated sign out front. This tells me that there are some that read God’s Word that is posted on our sign. I believe that Government is wrong to try to relgulate what you post. Quite frankly, It’s a violation of the 1st Admendment not to let you post it…

  53. Twila says:

    We will be praying for your sucess regarding your signs. We live in a world where we are being fed false and negative information daily, all around us. This is a wonderful way of feeding the lost and the saved with truth. God bless you and your effort.

  54. Tammy says:

    I applauded your efforts, what a neat idea.. Is there a way to link to this site from Facebook. Would like to help get the word out. I will keep you in my prayers as you spread the Word to the world. God Bless.

  55. Victoria Lindo says:

    Love what your doing !!!!!

  56. david anderson says:

    i just saw your video on comcast and i wholly support you. i am what is considered a liberal but that is a misunderstood label as all usually are. i hope the (surprise but i’m serious) aclu takes up your cause. don’t be surprised that they will. god bless your efforts, so cool to see proverbs on that sign. yours in christ. david anderson

  57. Ben Livingston says:

    Keep up the God work!

  58. jim says:

    I have a couple of ideas of what the signs could say.First “GOD designed the ARK,Man designed the Titanic”.Second,”Many religions,One Empty TOMB.” You ought to try making bumper stickers with some of the signs sayings.Best of luck to you.

  59. Bethany says:

    I would like to explain why the signs 4 Jesus is a bad idea. There are so many churches that have signs up already that adding more signs with scriptures and “spreading the word of the Lord” would be considered disrespectful for those who have different faiths. Christianity is a religion that is based upon the bible and more importantly the new testament sections, but what most people that blindly are brainwashed into believing at church is that not all people are the bible gods people. The bible clearly states that the Israelites and those that are from Adam and Eve are the bible’s god people. However those people still believe that Jesus was not the Messiah and yet the Christians want to say Jesus was. Jesus was a prophet and he had many great and loving stories, but he was not the Son of god. He clearly stated that we are all the sons of god and which he was claiming to be under that same logic. He was not talking about the god in the old testament at all. The church is gaining the power of all the worshipers of the “god” in the new testament. The Christian “god” tells his people not to worship false gods, and those with other religions are not worshiping false gods, they are worshiping the gods that have been worshiped before Jesus came to spread the word of love and forgiveness. If you spread the word of “god” around the US not only is it rude, but it is naive and diluted. Find the historical evidence of the Christian belief before you spread the word of an angry and harsh god.

    • Talia says:

      I would just like to encourage you to read the Bible…the whole thing.
      God loves you and wants you to know Him, read it and you will find that He is just and true.
      I will pray that you take my challenge. Your life will be forever changed:)

      • Bethany says:

        I have read the bible countless times, and Jesus is in my heart. However a god does not change and in the old and new testament the “god” has changed tremendously. I am asking for those people that have been brought up in a Christian house or listen to sermons countless times a each month, to question the origins of the Bible and to question the messages being sent. Have an open mind and listen to your heart. The history of the Bible is one that is unfortunately dark. The Bible has been changed countless times for many reasons, including but not limited to for power of the church, changing languages, and damaged scriptures. The church has declared that all other religions and gods are evil and what not, but if you take a step back and ask “why does the church declare that all other religions and gods are evil?” The answer you find may be an eye opener or you can believe it is for your protection. The church wants power and dictate what is right and wrong, even if it isn’t stated in the Bible. My life has been forever changed because I found my true path and the truth about the gods. I am not going to let a power hungry church dictate how I think anymore, because I have found love and understanding in my path. I hope that you will read and learn about other gods and how things used to be before the Romans converted to Christianity those many years ago. Look up gods like Brighid from the Celtic pantheon, or Demeter from the Greek. There are gods that are not all loving, but don’t just look at a few look at the histories. I will read the Bible again, if you take on my challenge.

  60. Allen Estey says:

    Well done Brother Cusson! Saw your story on Foxnews on line. In my opinion the town’s reasons for denial are nit picky at best. One would hope that an untoward bias is not playing out here.
    I think that if we are not able to support you by arranging for you to have a sign on our property. Then we should be ready for the next inevitable phase. Giving an answer and reason for the Hope that in us. Let us live like we believe in what we profess, let us know what we believe so that we can profess.
    Your signs will call the rest of us into account. God’s Word will do what God’s will do, but it is our testimony before our peers which will either magnify or diminish their effect.
    Keep laboring and weary not in doing good
    Your Fellow Sojourner
    Allen Estey

  61. yeahright says:

    Start a FACEBOOK page!!!

  62. Joe Orlando says:

    Good luck and God bless you and your efforts.

  63. Joe Orlando says:

    Good luck and God bless you and your efforts.

  64. Kathy says:

    This country was founded on faith in God and Godly principles so putting up signs with bible verses on it is not implying that you need to be one faith or another, just that we as a nation want to continue what was started in the beginning. We do not want to become an Islamic nation but everyone is free to worship their beliefs here. We are a Christian Nation! And that is what we will always be. We all do what we can to further the Kingdom and if you can afford to put up signs then God Bless You for doing so.

  65. Rich Cominskie says:

    I saw on the news, that Chichester, New Hampshire had rejected the “sign4Jesus”. That was very upsetting. I am from Chichester, Pennsylvania and I think it would be great to have a sign here. I just wanted to let you know, this Chichester wouldn’t let you down.

  66. Debra says:

    A wonderful idea! Please don’t give up. My prayers are with you,

  67. JC says:

    Keep up the fight Fab! We all know the turmoil in this world is God will to enact change in our hearts. America needs God…God doesn’t need America! May he bless your effort.

  68. Richard Foreman says:

    I totally agree with the signs being erected. It’s refreshing to finally see something life-giving being broadcast through this medium. With cigarettes, alcohol and sexual stimulants (i. e. viagara, cialis, etc) being advertised all over the roads and athletic events, THIS is a wonderful alternative.

    Be Blessed,


  69. Juan says:

    GO SIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Sharon and James says:

    Look at New York, the Muslim’s are out in the street blocking traffic on Fridays to worship but we are not allowed to have open prayer. Looks like something is wrong with this picture to me. We would love to put your sign in our pasture. We are in Florida, on a main highway US 90 (the old Spanish trail).
    God Bless

  71. Jack&Sue Lupien says:

    We will be praying that God will touch the heart of our leaders to grant you the permits needed to put up thoses signs if there is one thing America needs is to return to the cross of Jesus and ask for forgivness and don’t give up the fight,may God Bless you and those involved(The Word of the Lord will never return void)

  72. Dave and Sue says:

    We are very excited to hear of Signs4Jesus! God bless you! We will pray for this ministry.

  73. Hannah says:

    Any chance you will be putting up signs in Oregon? I can think of atleast 2 people that would consider displaying a sign, one of which lives on a busy highway. This is a wonderful idea.

  74. Terry P. says:

    One of the local news stations in Houston just had a special about the signs and the opposition it’s receiving. It’s ridiculous (the ordinances, opposition about the religious message)! You have my full support and prayers here!

  75. KC says:


  76. Kip says:

    Very simple, but very powerful idea, Fab … if it didn’t have any impact, nobody would be fussing over it. This is a controversy because scoffers hate God … Ps. 14:1-3.

    Godspeed to you!

  77. Nicholas says:

    You need to make a Facebook and Twitter connect portal.

  78. Christy says:

    I think its hilarious that people get so offended and think its a terrible thing to have religious billboards posted because not everyone believes in the same God that others do.. Well you know what, every single day I have to drive by COUNTLESS billboards selling products with sex- Alcohol, tobacco, casinos… Some are just half naked women posing and I dont have a CLUE as to what they are advertising! Abortion clinics, Life is short, have an affair!! I find this very disrespectful to me and my beliefs.. Its become a complete double standard- Everyone must accept everyone elses religion (Unless you follow the Christian faith).
    It would be very refreshing to see some billboards go up that had some moral standard! I really do hope that this campaign is successful and gets people reading the Word of God!
    Thank you for doing this!

  79. travis says:

    how can I help, this is awsome, thank you

    • says:

      We need every believer to unite & pray, and to take part one way or multiple ways; it may be offering land, services or maybe a donation. Consider it Gods opportunity for us to put feet to our faith.

  80. Old Biker says:

    When I was growing up in the late 40’s and early 50’s, you would see signs everywhere with Scripture verses or references. Back then we never locked our houses, not matter how long we were going to be away; today we fortify ourselves in virtual “prisons” and would never think of leaving for even a few minutes without completely locking up and setting the alarm. Back then, we never took the key out of the ignition, no matter where we parked or how long we were going to be away from our automobile; today we would never think of leaving a car with the key in the ignition even for a few seconds and we always lock and set the alarm. Back then we would always stop to help someone along the road or pick up a hitchhiker; not today, you don’t dare. Back then we knew our neighbor, visited with them, and helped them with whatever needed to be done; today we don’t even know who our neighbor is and try to avoid making eye contact. I don’t think anyone could argue it was a much kinder, gentler, and more compassionate world back then. Today, we’ve removed almost every reference to the Holy Scriptures from our “public” life–if we don’t have anything good going into our lives, how can we expect anything but what we are getting out?

    Keep up the great work you’ve begun. May God bless you in ways you’ve never imagined and when you stand before Him may you hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  81. Beth Warkentin says:

    God Bless you all! And thank you so very much for standing up for Him!!

  82. Angel says:

    “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men,” Titus 2:11
    God bless!

  83. Karen says:

    Just as Americans have freedom of faith, we also have freedom FROM faith. I don’t think that signs with biblical quotations are awful, but I don’t need to have anyone else’s faith shoved down my throat. I live in New Hampshire, and our motto is, “Live Free or Die.” We should be able to live free of the religious opinions of others, and we should be able to live free of signs littering the countryside in general. No matter what they say, they are always an eyesore!

  84. Ralph Stokes says:

    Did you get permission to use the New King James Version? If not, you are violating copyright laws.

  85. Garry Reep says:

    Signs 4 Jesus

    Several weeks ago I couldn’t sleep so I turned the TV to the religious channel and listened to a preacher from El Dorado, Arkansas, preach on the second coming of Christ, the end-time. During the preacher’s message, I knew that I was supposed to hear that particular sermon, and I felt that I could not sleep because God wanted me to hear this preacher’s word. At the end of the message, I told myself that this sermon had to be sent out to people, but the people who need to hear it will not watch to a religious channel or even go to church to hear a message.
    That night when I finally went to sleep, I dreamed that some property that I had recently purchased had several digital signs with messages on it that people could pull over on the side of the road and read. Unlike most dreams that are sketchy or difficult to remember, this dream was very real and vivid.
    About two nights later, I had the same recurring dream. After having two dreams, I knew for certain that I was going to put a sign or signs on my property or at least paint the top of the barn with a scripture. One day returning from a doctor’s appointment in Little Rock and driving by our property, I shared with my wife that I might put a scripture on the barn or put up a billboard with light poles, but in my heart I knew this was not be satisfactory because in the dream the sign was digital!
    For days the dream just stayed on my mind, but I still didn’t have the capability of putting digital signs on my property like I saw in my dream.
    Over the Labor Day week-end, I was visiting my daughter in Mississippi when I saw the Fox News coverage of the Signs4Jesus. That’s when I knew that God had opened a door for me when I heard this gentleman on Fox asking for land and support to get God’s message out.
    I returned home from Mississippi on Monday night, and I heard a minister from Israel taking questions. One person from New Zealand, being interviewed from Rome, called and asked if God spoke to people in dreams. The minister replied, “Absolutely, but usually God will speak to you twice using the same the dream.” When I heard this, I knew for certain that I was contacting the man on Fox News. I goggled “Signs 4 Jesus” and found the site and phone number for Fab Cusson.
    On Friday, Sept. 10, I called Fab and told him of my dream and how all this had transpired. He then told me that he had had the same dream. Fab then asked me to email him my account of how God spoke to me about the Signs 4 Jesus because this is happening all over. While talking with Fab, I asked him if he ever listened to Charles Stanley, and he told me that he does. That is when I related to him Dr. Stanley’s July 4th message, “Turn Back the Tide,” asking Christians to pray to turn America back to God and to turn from this anti-Jesus, anti Christian movement that is destroying our country. I told Fab that these signs could be part of the plan to “Turn Back to Tide to God.” After talking with Fab today, I am convinced that it is not a coincidence that all this has happened; God has a purpose and a plan.

  86. Allison Passino says:

    How…nauseating. I’ve a novel idea! How about expending your efforts on something that is actually worthwhile? the swindler from nazareth has done nothing for me, and I am very glad I don’t live in a place where I’d have to see signs proclaiming his false love plastered all over. You say you’re spreading the word of your so-called god, but in reality you are forcing your beliefs on people, shoving them down their throats. Have fun wasting your time.

  87. Harv Dykstra says:

    Keep spreading the Gospel! We love it! If you can post pictures of your signs on a Facebook page, you’ll do even more for Jesus! Bless You!!!

  88. Chet McPhail says:

    It takes a very strong person to file a lawsuit against Chichester. You are without a doubt a victim of discrimination!! Peace be with you.

  89. Mayah says:

    I was inspired recently with a somewhat similar vision to your signs4jesus and came across your site while looking to see if it was being done already.

    There are always men and women holding cardboard signs near the interstate in our area asking for money. It reminds me of the parable of the king hiring workers for his field. The king keeps finding out of work people to hire and sends him to work his field.
    I thought…Jesus is always hiring…why not pay them to hold a scripture sign instead?

  90. lilolme says:

    You are doing wonderful work, we as Christians must accept and silent about other signs put up that promote violence, hate, sex, and everything else. Evil fears the light so bring out the light of our Father with the signs. My prayers are with you all.

  91. Garryck Reep says:

    Hello Mr. Fab!!! I have sent the pics of the sign going up here in Warren, Arkansas and if you need anything else, let me know!!!!!! God Bless!!!!
    -Garryck Reep

  92. Doug Chamberlin says:

    I’m so glad to see the sign. Christians may recognize the scriptural reference, but non-Christians won’t. I strongly suggest you go back to including the reference to eliminate any doubt that the words are from the Word and not just someones personal ideas.

    • says:

      In this case, we were limited to a 4×6 message board. Agreed, I also love the idea of adding the scripture reference, though when I do , it decreases the font size of the actual scripture and makes it harder all around to read.

  93. Cheryl says:

    Fab, I prayed with your mom for a few years (w/my sister Janice and Marilyn) and you and your dream were often in our prayers. I am delighted to see God blessing it. I miss Lola she has a heart for the Lord that I have rarely seen. When I was praying some years ago I saw the green/white NH sign with the man on the mountain face, but the face was Jesus instead. It seams more like “NH4Jesus”. Whatever it means to you. Cheryl

  94. Ben Luppi says:

    Since my post (and any other that was similar) seems to have been deleted from your website, I’ll send you an e-mail personally. I live in Chichester, NH and last night I saw a message that went something like this: Children obey your parents about the Lord, for they are right. I found this to be personally offensive. I believe that religion is a personal choice, and to force your religion on anyone else is just wrong and extremely offensive to me. (I don’t care if you are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Jehovah’s Witness etc.) The church signs around Chichester do have some religious meanings to them, but they are not overly pushing the Bible or Jesus in your face, and I am very glad that there are other people who agree with me on this. I am not asking for the sign to come down, all I am asking is not to see anything like what I saw last night again. Bible verses are one thing, what was written last night was very inappropriate.

    • says:

      This is a bible verse, Ephesians 6:1. All SignsforJesus signs only ever display bible scriptures. For clarification the sign reads: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Scriptures are never chosen in such a way as to offend. These are God’s words not mine. The task He has given to me is this: to operate the sign and remain true to the vision. I hope this helps. Romans 10:17 Blessings Fab

  95. While people have different beliefs where religion is concerned, I believe it will not hurt to see more of this kind of thing possibly in many parts of the world. Many believers have forgotten and they need to be reminded.

  96. Kendra says:

    I think the scriptures on this sign are amazing. I am a nursing school student who drives by them daily. I always feel better after reading them. I even take a picture of my favorite ones. Thank you for doing your work for The Lord. This state needs more people like YOU! God bless.

  97. Vera says:

    Shalom my sister & brothers in YHWH (YAHWEH) !
    As a servant of YHWH (YAHWEH), let me share to all of you, about our God’s name :)
    He is name is YHWH (YAHWEH) and when He came to this earth as a savior His name is YHWH (YAHSHUA) meaning YHWH (YAHWEH) SHUA = YHWH (YAHWEH) SAVIOR ! not Jesus ! Jesus is empty meaning name :) Jesus name was come from Greek pagan god’s name : Ioueus/ Zeus !!!

    Let’s back to the Bible and learn more in Holy Spirit.
    He save us in His Name !!! (Acts 4:12) and He was told us about His Name (John 17:11-12, 25 & 26).
    Let’s paying attention about this word :
    “”I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive”. (John 5:43).
    His Father’s name is YHWH (YAHWEH), that is why His Name is YHWSA (YAHSHUA) ! not Jesus !!! :)

    I pray for all of you, and I share this to all of you, because YHWH love all of you and He cared about all of you !! Hallelu YAH !!! <3

    YHWH love all of the nation, but He already chose Israel as His chosen nation.

    John 4:22, "You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews".

    Hallelu YAH !!!
    YHWH (YAHWEH)/ YHWSA (YAHSHUA) love you all so do I <3

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