The Rest Of The Story..

Written by Jennifer Cusson:

It was Nov 2005, more than seven years ago when everything in our life changed for the better. It was the day my husband Fab decided to give up his old life, and turn his life over completely to Jesus, the decision was not only in his heart, but he also put steps to that decision. He literally trusted Jesus to deliver him and Jesus did just that. During the time he was battling his addictions the Lord shared with us a promise from his word: Deuteronomy 7:9 ( Therefore know, That the Lord your God, He is God. The faithful God that keeps His covenant and mercy for a thousand generations to those who love Him and keep His commandments.)

Within a year of that decision to turn his life over to Christ, everything began to change. I also turned my life completely over to him and we began to walk with our Lord Jesus together, as a husband and wife. We were introduced to a local Church, ultimately becoming members of the body of Christ, we began to grow in the Lord and to learn of Him. We made some mistakes and we have learned many valuable lessons. Along the way we have witnessed countless miracles! We have continually experienced the Joy of the Lord though good times & hard times too.

Within a year of Fab getting free of Oxycontin & Methadone the Lord blessed us greatly with a new home, first he gave us a vision. Fab came home one evening and announced he really felt led to move, he had found this land on a nearby lake that fit all the needs of our family, business and children. He knew it was an absolute stretch financially, but he explained how he went there during work that day, walked the land, found each boundary and prayed over every survey stake; claiming the land for our family in the name of Jesus and also dedicating the land to Jesus. I wasn’t happy with idea at all. I was perfectly comfortable where I was, I didn’t want to leave. The Lord showed me in a dream, and through a deep Holy Spirit revelation; it was His plan to move us. We would simply run out of time if I were to share every miracle God did in order to open the doors for us to move, but let me share this. Our contract to purchase the new land was set to expire in three days, we had our house on the market for months already. We couldn’t purchase the land without first selling our house. The sellers of the land extended our purchase contract several times already. We had shown our home over 30 times without receiving a single offer from anyone. We were perplexed, we thought sure God was calling us to move. The sellers of the land notified us, explaining there would be no further extensions on the contract. Amazingly, the day before our contract expired, we had two offers at the same time. Both parties bidding against each other; while one was in the driveway and the other was in our kitchen. Today the home we live in is the home God blessed us with. Truly the home was dedicated to Him, we have had so many wonderful times of fellowship, prayer and worship at this home. We have also been honored to have hosted many water baptisms.

Written by Fab Cusson:

Praise the Lord He did ultimately bless us with the home! Jen said it right, we were perplexed, we thought sure God had told us to move, but the house was not selling. We knew time was running out, but we kept showing the house into the last days of our contract, putting our hope and trust in Him, we resolved to this, regardless the result, we were going to serve the Lord.

So you can imagine how perplexed I was when I came to realize our finances were in trouble just a few short years later. In our previous home, business was good, my income was excellent and my bills far less than what we earned. When we first moved to the new house, our income was still good but the bills were just a bit more. Then it happened, the economy & housing took a hit. My my income was dropping significantly; the business was slowing down considerably, in fact we had no large scale projects in the foreseeable future. The phone wasn’t ringing and what jobs we were estimating were so small it was hard to even cover the normal bills. The business had all it’s working capital tied up in unsold real estate, before long I was relying on credit lines & loans to fully operate. Perplexing! I questioned God “how is it that You brought us to this place then this?” I knew I couldn’t keep up; each month we were needing additional money in the account to pay the bills. Years of savings quickly fading, and we potentially were heading into a financial disaster.

This had been wearing on me all winter and was finally coming to a head one Sunday when I just knew we had exhausted all resources; in fact I wasn’t sure the business would make it, let alone us personally. I was again perplexed, frustrated and on edge! It was that Sunday after church Jen and I were bickering, I admit I was touchy and that night I slept on the couch! I remember just sitting there in the dark thinking it all out, what was I going to do? I needed to decide tonight, I had no time left. I laid out my finances and realized I could still sell my home, being a lake front I felt I could still sell it right. I needed to market the home before the spring ended. I could still lower the cost of the home and walk away with enough equity to build us a small home nearby and pay off some bills. I thought if I lose the business then I lose the business, but at least my family will still have a home and we will have each other and we will always have the Lord. I felt this sudden peace come over me; it felt right, I finally made a decision. I stood up and got down on my knees and I thanked the Lord that He in His mercy had left me with still a choice to make, and with His help I could sell the home and move on. I thanked Him for the home, I didn’t understand why we had to leave so soon after all the miracles He gave us, but I accepted the change and gave it to the Lord.

When I finished praying I laid on the couch and closed my eyes. Just then I heard my spirit saying “ your at the Red Sea and you don’t believe God will split it for you!” I spoke back to myself “that is not true, I know God can split the Red Sea He has done it for me in the past, He could do it again and I know it!” Then I heard it again, “your turning back to Egypt!” I argued with myself, “NO I AM NOT ” I told myself I am simply being a good steward of what God has given me and if I don’t sell now I could lose what equity I have to the bank. I have to make good sound decisions for my family. Then I heard it, a very clear voice, deep within my inner self say, “your like Lots wife, you’re looking back you don’t trust Me.”

I was so confused, I wanted to trust the Lord and I wanted to be a good steward. These were both honorable desires, both Biblical reasons to turn one way or the other. Perplexed, I got up and I just cried out to the Lord, laying it all out to Him bare. I told Him I wanted His will, I wanted to trust Him and to make a good decision, to be in His will and to do the right thing for my family.

At church we had been doing the Bible study of Gideon during that time, learning of how Gideon asked God for signs using a fleece; so I thought on this, and then asked the Lord if He would give me a sign from Him. Asking him to show me what to do, stay or go. I sat there thinking on what I’d ask for, I didn’t have a fleece and I didn’t want to just throw anything out there, so I said Lord I need to think on what sign to ask for and get back to You. I wanted to make sure if I got a sign from God it would be undeniable that it was Him. I finished my prayer and went to sleep on the couch.

I drifted off to sleep and I had a dream, I was walking out my front door and a tall man was standing by my shed door and he said “Fab” with a commanding voice, I looked at him and said “Yes”, he said “do you still want a sign?” I replied “yes I do”. He said “come here”. I walked over to him and he held out his right hand and said “if a man gives you these you will stay”. I looked in his hand and he had three transparent stones in his hand. Then he held out his left hand and said “if a man gives you these you leave”. I looked into his hand and he held out three black stones. Then BANG!! I woke up, rather, I jumped right up as if I had fallen from the sky and landed on the couch. My heart was pounding and I knew I had just been spoken to by God. I fell to my knees and prayed again, asking God that the sign I request to be according to the dream I just had. After some time I was able to finally sleep through the night.

The next morning I went to work, Jen had the day off and the kids were all leaving. I was working local so I told Jen I’d be home for lunch. I remember driving to work saying who will possibly give me these stones? The day carried on slowly and lunch finally came, the outlook was still very grim. I decided I would tell Jen everything at lunch, how we were struggling and how we have to put the house on the market right away. I called her and told her I needed to talk with her about something important when and I got home. When I arrived she had lunch all ready, we sat on our back deck. I was totally prepared to break the news, but before I could she just started talking and she never stopped once for 20 minutes! What she was saying, well it just aggravated me even more. She was telling me how much she loved the house, that her time home alone that morning reminded her of what a blessing it was from God and how she never wanted to leave! I was so frustrated I just stood up and left. She asked where I was going “I thought you wanted to tell me something” she said. I replied “never mind, I’m all set, I gotta go bye”. I went back to work, blocked it all out and finished the day.

On my way home that evening I decided this was it, I needed to tell her then and immediately call the Realtor and get the house on the market. I hadn’t seen any stones so I figured I was back to ground zero, telling myself I shouldn’t be testing God like this. As I pulled down my driveway I saw my son and two nephews playing basketball where I usually park; so I pulled over in front of my shed and parked. I got out of the truck and my oldest nephew came running up to me and said “Uncle Fab! Look at what I got today”. I asked “what do you have?” as he held out his hand and handed me these three transparent stones. I just stood there with these three transparent stones in my hand and that’s when I realized I was standing by my shed door with the three stones in my hand; in the same exact place it happened in my dream! I became weak, my knees were shaky, I just can’t explain the feeling other than to say I had this incredible sense of Gods presence and realness right then; I just wanted to fall down against my shed and cry like a baby, I stood there looking at my hand silent for a moment. I eventually composed myself and asked my nephew if I could keep the stones and he finally agreed with some persuasion! Then I went inside and I told it all to Jen. Needless to say we where praising the Lord!!! Once again, just at the last minute, God stepped in and answered and proved His promises true, He is God and He is the faithful God. But the testimony doesn’t end here, can you believe it actually has just begun!

Not only did we have a profitable spring and summer with the business, but winter picked up as well. We were able to pay down some debt, keep the business open and we are still living in our home and each and every bill is paid. Don’t get me wrong it has been a walk of faith, yes we have the stones to remind us of the promise He made, but now we have to walk it out daily trusting He will provide.

As the summer went on, I was learning about the spiritual battles going on around us. I remember learning of the reality of the spiritual forces in play and how our everyday decisions play a part in affecting the spiritual world . It just opened my eyes to so much I never realized. Soon after I was put in a situation to see something I didn’t expect nor do I think other parties expected me to see either. Looking back I now know it was the Lord who had shown me this for His reasons, but at the time I had not expected it. The details of what I saw is not important but only to say that I caught a good look at a very deep and dark world of bondage and it made me so sad. I was angry and it really made me sick, physically and spiritually. Knowing now it was that spiritual battle taking place and I was seeing the results of the enemies lies, I cried out to the Lord in anguish for these people. For days I was heavy and just sick, utterly sick and burdened.

I remember the night clearly, it was right after an incredible Bible study with other men when that anguish was released, I stayed awake a good part of the night with the peace of God all over me. His presence over me was so strong , I was in complete awe. I just sat there for hours smiling and pondering on Him. This went on for days and as it did The Lord started to develop a vision in me. Not a vision as in a vision I saw, but a vision as in an idea. I remember asking the Lord why don’t people have faith? Why don’t people come to you Jesus! They could experience this same presence I am feeling right now. I wanted so badly for the lost to feel his spirit as I was so they could know Him as I do.

I kept asking God why don’t people have faith? Then this scripture came to me, So then faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God. Romans 10:17. I thought about this some, realizing this is so true… faith does come by hearing the Word of God, I recalled how it happened in me. I remember being a man who had no faith, desperate, addicted and no where to turn and then one day, by the Grace of God, I picked up a Bible and started reading His word and something began happening inside of me, this power come over me and I was changed! One thing I had learned over the past four years was that God’s Word is true, every time, tested and proven true each and every time. That scripture just stayed with me for weeks.

I was driving one day thinking on that scripture and I drove by a church, reading the sign which had a catchy little rhyme on it. I thought it was nice, it even inspired me some. I wondered what would happen if all churches just used their signs for the sole purpose of displaying scriptures only. I thought rhymes are fine but if we really wanted to produce faith in others, its the Word of God that does that- not the catchy words of man. A few hours later I was driving home and I passed by another church. I read their sign and as I read it I became furious, I just cannot explain the anger I had. I was just blown away. I couldn’t believe that any serious church would ever want to use this great opportunity God had given them, meaning a sign and piece of land in front of a church building, to say something so completely out of place. I was appalled and rather disgusted, then the Lord began showing me the opposite of that scripture. So if faith comes by hearing the Word of God, then signs with words like I just read not only do not produce faith, but they cause damage to the Kingdom of God; even causing people to run from faith. I kept thinking this all the way home and I remember thinking if I had a sign like that church I would use it differently; meaning for the Word of God only. I would trust my sign to God’s Word for what it says. Meaning that a sign with God’s Words would produce faith!

Ideas started to flow, if I had a sign I would want it on an intersection where people would have time to read it, every day passing by seeing the Word of God displayed. Morning after morning, night after night, scripture after scripture. Eventually the Word would bubble up in those reading. I was picturing people going home at night and saying where’s that Bible? I know I had it in the attic somewhere, I want to look up that scripture I saw on the sign today. I could see the sign even ministering to believers who were struggling, hearing the Word of God just when and what they needed. The ideas were just bubbling up in me. I could have a sign that could be electronically controlled, managed via Internet, so the Scripture could be new every morning, every afternoon. But where would I put such a sign I asked? Just as I said that to myself I found myself at a four way intersection (as I imagined). I looked up and what did I see , I saw a SIGN ,that said For sale / just reduced! Immediately my spirit was drawn to it and my heart was pumping. I felt my spirit just jump up inside of me. The light turned green and I drove off. But unable to ignore what just happened, the feel of that pull and the draw I had toward that property.

This pull towards the land went on for a week, maybe longer. The vision for the sign began to really develop in my mind, the idea of putting that sign on that land felt so right, so perfect. I thought how many times have I sat at that light with nothing to do but sit, people could be reading the Word of God every morning on the way to work, every night on the way home, all day long, all night long the Word of God being displayed in public; producing faith in Christ. I loved the idea but knew I had no money for this, I just started to recover from a bad couple years and now this? I thought it’s a nice idea but you can’t do it, the timing is all wrong. But the pull wouldn’t leave. One night, very late, by myself I got on my knees before the Lord and prayed my heart. I told the Lord I didn’t want to be some way over the top Christian who does more damage than good thinking he’s heard from the Lord. I finished my prayer with this, “Lord if you truly want this sign, then I need a sign”. I paused then thought…. and then wittingly said Lord “if you’ll give me a sign, Ill give you a sign” This time the sign I would ask for is two black stones. Just like that I blurted it out and asked for two black stones.

The next day I went about my day and when I finally got home I went into my office to catch up on some paperwork. Immediately my son came in and said “Hi Dad, do you know what Black Tourmaline is”? I said “No son, what’s Black Tourmaline”? He pulled up a chair beside my desk and looked at me while handing me these two black stones saying “This is Black Tourmaline Dad”. Once again, I was stunned, my heart pounced, my body went limp as I was looking in my hand, holding these two black stones. God was clearly speaking to me and I knew it!

I was feeling great excitement yet I also had caution. I considered the chances of this happening, wondering if I was taking these stone signs way too far, yet knowing it was from the Lord. I knew the chances this was some coincidence were completely impossible, but I still needed to be thoughtful. I decided not to share this immediately with everyone, which was very hard to do because inside I was just screaming with excitement! I shared this all with my Pastor at the time, and he said lets meet.

Before I met with him I prayed to the Lord and I asked the Lord to confirm what I should be doing. I wanted to be sure I was doing this in the Lords will and timing not my own. I needed to know it was right behavior in Christ. We met, my Pastor spent over an hour discussing the sign idea & the stones. Then he explained to me that sometimes people are called by the Lord to do things and they weigh out the cost. Some retreat because they find the cost is too much and so the Lord seeks another, and other times the Lord calls people and they are obedient to that call; they trust the Lord for their needs and through these steps of obedience the Lord has brought forth many revivals. When I left the meeting I was sure I needed to move ahead.

Alone I decided to go to the land and pray over it. I walked all around the building, the yard and prayed, asking the Lord but how? I don’t have the money for this Lord, I questioned. I have no way of doing this, I can’t even make an offer on the place without some resources or even a down payment. I had so many questions, once again finding myself completely perplexed!! As I was walking to my truck the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I just had been impressed with words just coming into my thoughts as I was walking. What stood out was this. See your Father, Tell him he said he was ready, ask him if he is. Just like that, tell him he said he was ready, ask him if he is… It was so strong and I had this peace come over me when I repeated it to myself. Over and over again I kept saying it, tell him he said he was ready, ask him if he is. I was instantly flooded with peace, I knew that feeling and I knew it was the Holy Spirit talking. I called Jen and asked her if we could have my parents for dinner, she agreed and made the arrangements.

That night we ate, sat outside having coffee and I explained to my dad I needed to talk to him. He said “What is it Fab”. So I started from the beginning telling him the whole story of faith comes by hearing, the sign, the black stones, the land… I had his attention by then, he was listening and I said “That’s not all Dad”. “There’s more?” he said and I replied “The Lord told me to tell you something and to ask you a question”.

Now you have to understand this was very hard for me to do because I knew I was reaching way out on a limb here and I didn’t want to put financial pressure on him either. He said “What , what is it!” “I feel the Lord impressed me to say this to you”. He said “What?” You told the Lord you were ready, he wants to know if you are”? He just gazed at me for a few seconds, my mother broke the silence with laughter and began praising the Lord! I looked at her and said “What?” She said “Last night your father sat up in bed, very late at night and out of the blue declared to the Lord “I’m ready Lord, you just ask me Lord, and I’ll be ready!” Wow! We both sat very silent for a moment.

Needless to say, together my father and I purchased the land, it was all in the Lords plan to use my father in all this. Let me say that purchasing this land had to be one of the most difficult purchases we have ever made. You’ve heard us say perplexing a few times now and this was no exception. As soon as we decided to purchase the land we placed a purchase and sales offer with the sellers. Two weeks, not a word, nothing, no response at all.

I tried to force their hand to answer, but it seemed to only make it worse. I say that because my Realtor called me and said “You lost the building, they took an offer from another buyer, sorry”. Just like that, its over. I was perplexed!  The stones, I thought? The confirmation with my Father, my Pastor? The land is being sold to another? I spoke to Pastor about it and he said “Fab if the Lord wants a sign, he’ll get a sign”. It wasn’t a few days later I got a call from my Realtor saying the other deal fell apart and the seller wanted to know if we would still make our offer! So we made a new offer.

No sooner than we made a new offer & it got accepted, what happens, the bank writes us a letter saying they are sorry but they are unable to approve our financing for the property. I remember being told  banks are just not lending money the same way anymore,  not to be be discouraged; where all in the same boat. Well I was perplexed, again, but something began to happen in me, it was clear I am recognizing the pattern here. Each time I got perplexed, God’s plan was never thwarted. I knew He spoke to me, He confirmed it with stones, then with my Pastor, my Dad.  I knew we just needed to walk it out. So I called the bank and insisted they take another look at the application.  Two weeks later we got another letter in the mail and also a phone call from our bank, the previous loan decision was reversed and the loan was now approved. We were moving straight to closing in one week.

Since the purchase, we have experienced one enormous obstacle after another. But with each obstacle, God has proven Himself Strong and Faithful. It’s been a faith building experience, a true privilege to be a part of what God is doing.

Recently Signs For Jesus began receiving some media attention, starting with the Union Leader, Concord Monitor and other newspapers, people began talking, even calling in on radio talk shows. Ultimately, I received a call from Kathleen Fox, a field producer at Fox news New York! Fox news then picked up the story of Signs For Jesus, and then ran it over Labor Day weekend.  I also did a live piece on Fox & Friends, as a result we have received numerous offers of land to place our signs from all over the country! This is how it has been from day one, one supernatural occurrence after another!

I can see that erecting these signs will take a strong commitment, not from just myself, but from all other believers. This is not just an opportunity for me, but rather it is one for us all ! We all have an opportunity to be a part of God’s plan and to get God’s Word out in the streets!

Please join with me. We need your prayers and financial support. Also please pass the news along to other believers, your church & friends. Please also consider visiting us on Facebook at Signs for Jesus & signing up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated.

To donate please click the tab “Join the Cause” and click the book The Faithful God.

May God bless you! Fab

14 Responses to The Rest Of The Story..

  1. Diane McNeely says:

    I am moved by your story. I share similar feelings as you do about signs outside of churches – catchy little sayings that sort of downplay the real meaning of the gospel. I think that is why I have an adversion to display type signs in general. Who am I, though, to question God’s speaking to your heart. I think we may be facing some perilous times, but possibly on the verge of another spiritual awakening in this country. If God uses you in this way, then more power to your sign ministry.

  2. carol j menig says:

    I am a widow now, but we raised five children. Two were afflicted with addictions to drugs, heroin and cocaine. Both tried rehabs and failed, only God’s intervention has kept them both clean for 3 years and 2 years and I thank Him every day. I would love to see a sign like yours on my street, the true word of God has power like nothing else in the universe.

  3. Wm Rhett Taff says:

    We are interested in Signs4Jesus and would like to inquire how to display one of the signs on our property. Please give us the information. Jesus is the only way of Salvation for this world. God bless you and your family.

  4. Roger Williams says:


    This is a truly amazing testimony of God’s awesome power and work in you and your wife’s life. I do believe that the Holy Spirit is stirring up the people in our nation today. Something is in the air, and it’s gonna be big! You, my friend are a part of it. When I woke up early this morning and saw your interview on Fox News, I was impressed with your vision. I personally am going through some trials myself right now, yet I know that God is doing a great work in the midst of it. Keep the faith, my friend, and I will add your ministry to my prayer list. People are hungering like never before the message that only God’s Word can provide, and the Enemy is full force against it. But, we remember that we are fighting powers and principalities and rulers of darkness in high places, but he is a defeated foe! Hang in there, and may God bless you, your family and your endeavors!

    In Christ,

    Roger Williams
    Cave Creek, AZ

    • says:

      May The Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. You will also be in my prayers. Fab Cusson

    • Timmy says:

      Please put me on your email list. If your problem with the town persists it may behoove you to tell ADF about it. They are a not so small (free) Legal Christian defense organization that offers legal intervention when christian rights are being trampled on. Also, among a myriad of other things they have a “pulpit initiative” that’s geared toward awakening pastors to what they legally can,(and should), be saying from the pulpit. 1-800-tell ADF or I am fired up that God is moving us. TIM

  5. mary tebbe says:

    You are a blessing what does one do to put a sign up?

  6. Theresa Ball says:

    I live on a lake in Jackson , Ga. ..if you want to put up a SIGN HERE….just contact us. May God continue to bless your ministry!!

  7. Liz Eaton says:

    I also saw your interview on Fox News this morning and was impressed by your work. I don’t have land to donate, but I just read your entire testimony, and I’m so excited about the work you are doing. Perhaps your opposition in your community is a blessing in disguise? Now that you’ve been on Fox News and so many people have heard about your work, I have to believe you’ll have many more signs than if you had not had any opposition. Anyways, thank you for your encouraging testimony and work for our Lord Jesus. Nothing is more precious than the Word of the Lord. God Bless you!

  8. Justin Dagen says:

    Very encouraging to hear of God’s work in your life! I have state highway frontage in Minnesota and people need to be reminded of God’s love and truth here also; keep up the good work!! Justin Dagen

  9. rachel kanash says:

    truely touched by your story, you are my hero

  10. Rebecca Murzin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is a huge ispiration to me. I need the encouagement. The Lord has also called my husband and I to do things that seem impossible, yet we have committed to do it. We have been throught many obstacles yet God has been trully faithful to give us signs as well. This was perfect timming to read your story. You are an inspiration to keep moving ahed and not looking back. may God continue to bless and lead you and your familly to fulfill all that He has called you to do. Thank you for your obedience to His word.

  11. Shirley Dion says:

    Fab, I was moved to tears with your story. God is amazing and I am inspired with your dedication and your testimony. I noticed the sign yesterday, and looked up your web site today. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are my neighbor here in Barnstead. Please accept my small donation to the cause of Christ. God bless you.

  12. Monroe and Karen says:

    We live next door to folks who have had a thriving drug dealing business. We have spoken with authorities, but to no avail. We have asked the Lord if we could move, but have clearly gotten no. We pray for salvation and revival for our neighbors. God has protected us. Over the past year, I have had an idea that I just can’t shake, to put up smaller yard signs of thoughtful, loving, truths about God from scripture around our front flowerbed instead of bricks. Searching the internet for pure scripture yard signs today, I found your website and read your testimonies! We have seen some of your signs. You are an inspiration. We will pray for you and the ministry of signs!

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