We live in a society that actively seeks to remove God from everyday life. We see this in the way our culture devalues the words of God revealed in the Bible.

Yet we know that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes from the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). God’s word is the root of our faith and source of our hope. That’s why the world opposes it and that’s why we must promote it.

You can see the world’s opposition everywhere. Atheist billboards proclaim “God is a myth.” Our schools restrict prayer. Our children are taught The “big bang” and evolution theories. Confusion surrounds the definition of separation of church and state. People have sued to remove, “In God We Trust” from our currency. Even wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” can stir up such a controversy!

So it’s not really a surprise that Signs4Jesus was recently denied a permit to install a sign displaying a daily Bible scripture on privately owned property. We believe there is a deep and dark spiritual force behind this, seeking to remove faith from our world and hope from our nation. The bible forewarns us and explains the warfare we will face, which is not with flesh and blood but against these dark spiritual forces. We can overcome these forces but we don’t enter into warfare by our own strength or armed with physical weapons. Instead we rely on God’s True Word – proclaimed tactfully and peacefully. It is only by God’s Word we can cast down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against God.

Christians have many ways to explore the Word of God, such as Christian broadcasting, daily devotions or fellowship with other believers. But what about people who haven’t yet believed or even heard the gospel? How will they hear if they don’t have a bible or a church? How will they hear if they don’t access Christian television or radio? What if they simply feel apprehensive about reading the Bible?

Signs for Jesus provides another opportunity for these who haven’t heard. Every day as thousands pass by they may find themselves stopped at a light, only to read an encouraging word from the scripture. In the midst of chaotic and demanding lives, the Word of God ministers and provides a moment of peace that counteracts the lies they have so often heard.

We’ll never know how many people God has touched through the Word proclaimed. We have been continually amazed by the testimonies of how the sign scriptures have affected so many lives at exactly the right time. Romans 10:17 indeed!

At Signs4Jesus we believe that God’s word is infallible and that faith comes by hearing – just as the Bible teaches. We are simply trusting God’s word to do what He promises us it will- cause faith! Please join this effort to spread the Word of God in the streets, in our communities, and to those who have yet to hear. God gave us a very clear vision to place these signs all across our country. Please help us make this vision a reality.

The Lord has given me a very clear vision of Signs4Jesus from the very beginning. It is not about me personally, or any one particular person, organization, or church. This is about mobilizing the body of Christ, uniting His children together for one purpose: to spread the Good News in the highways and bi-ways!

Thanks to the offers of countless Americans, we already have multiple potential sign sites and prospects from all over the country! Praise the Lord!

We intend to continue in this endeavor of erecting Signs For Jesus, in doing so, we will need your financial assistance, your prayers and encouragement.

I will update you all very soon on how we will move forward regards to the Chichester sign permit denial.

By God’s grace,

Fab Cusson

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  1. Goldie says:

    Our Country has drifted to far away from God. We need as a nation to find our way back. Our Children today do not attend church or Sunday school as parents we need to find our way back home. (church)

  2. peggy wolfe says:

    you are just what the rest of the world has needed and stil needs. People need to wake up to what happening in this world and without God to helps us dwe are doomed!!!!

  3. Emanuel Hostetler says:

    Too many politicians think the laging econimy is whats wrong with our country.Not so. If you want the answer please read 2nd cronicles 7-14.

    • says:

      If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  4. Judy Lavigne says:

    Your testimony is what I needed to hear.

  5. says:

    First, I want to thank everyone for their support and following Signs For Jesus by subscribing to our newsletter.

    It’s been a busy few weeks, at times overwhelming, but praise the Lord so much has been accomplished!

    The final request for re-hearing has been filed with the Town of Chichester, NH Zoning Board of Adjustments. Please pray the Lord open the doors for us to be re-heard without moving to the courts.
    In today’s society if you inject the name of Jesus publicly, you can pretty much count on some controversy, in one form or another. Although some are indifferent to the S4J vision (as long as it does not affect them), I am finding most people fall under one of two categories of belief: you either like what Signs For Jesus is doing, or you really don’t!

    When you have two opposing, but strongly held beliefs such as these, surely controversy is not far behind. We have received so much encouragement and support; on the other hand we have also been recipient of some not so flattering, even hurtful feedback. Having recognized, as long as we continue to press forward erecting signs for Jesus, some controversy is inevitable; we also recognize the need to use caution in how we express and carry ourselves moving forward. All Christians must take care, knowing we are entrusted servants, ambassadors for Christ. What we say, our actions, ultimately represent Jesus and his coming Kingdom to all others.

    Due to the controversy some have come under a false pretense, to say that we somehow feel that we are “above the law”, but I can assure you this is not at all the case. While we will abide to the laws, we are not going to throw up our hands, give up and walk away either. We simply want to be true to the vision, without wavering, erecting signs for Jesus and spreading the Good news of Jesus!

    Pressing onward toward the vision, blessings,

    Fab Cusson

    You can also find us on Facebook at Signs For Jesus!

  6. Jeanne Gloddy says:

    All people need HIS Word in their hearts to live in this world. Because of you now more will have another chance to receive it. Let’s pray that all will be open to receive and walk in it. Because of your faithfulness I pray more will realize they need this. God Bless you my friend and brother in Christ.

  7. Jeanne Gloddy says:

    October 6, 2010 at 4:46 am
    All people need HIS Word in their hearts to live in this world. Because of you now more will have another chance to receive it. Let’s pray that all will be open to receive and walk in it. Because of your faithfulness I pray more will realize they need this. God Bless you my friend and brother in Christ.

  8. says:

    Praise the Lord! So much has happened in the past month.
    First I want to thank the owner of Mediatronics in NH, who graciously donates time on his sign all day, cycling in Signs For Jesus and a bible scripture. This alone is a testimony, the Lord orchestrated it all! Having this sign displaying scripture in the city of Manchester everyday has given us the opportunity to show others what we intend to do all across the country! If you haven’t seen any of the signs, you can look us up on face-book at signs for Jesus, go to our profile and you can view some of the current  pictures. Currently I work full time during the day so I cannot always get away to take these pictures, but I will do my best to post at least a couple sign pictures each week.

    Second, the Planning Board meeting went great! The zoning ordinance being appealed was ultimately overturned. This seemingly insurmountable mountain which we once faced,is now been made a smooth plain- right before our eyes! Yes, the Lord has made our crooked path straight and even made a highway through the dessert.  We are going back to the Planning Board with all three of their previous denials- overturned! Please continue to pray for the next Planning Board meeting to go smooth; so we can finally move on with the sign!

    Think on this for a moment. God’s Word, being displayed publicly, every day, for every passer by to read. This is going to be powerful! I know He will use these signs to make a difference in our communities, and in our lives. Once this first sign is up, we move to the next one, each time wiser and more prepared.

    One of my favorite scriptures we are using in Manchester right now is Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Think on this, in a day an age when we send our kids off to school and they are taught the “big bang” theory or when our own government promotes the theory of evolution, how powerful is this short scripture? It can no longer be hidden, we must shine this light He has given us, we are taking the bible of the bookshelf! His Truth must go forth into the streets. And that’s exactly what these signs will do, using God’s Word, we can expose all of the “theories” for what they truly are, lies from the enemy. No one has to yell, argue or proselytize, it’s simple, it’s God’s word going forth not ours, and It’s His Word and His Spirit that will do the convincing.

    The signs will go up, God will provide, I know this will all my heart. Meanwhile, the very best part is, God is giving you and I the opportunity to be a part of His work! This is the beauty of being His children. He doesn’t need our donations, all the riches of the world are His! Yet, He allows the opportunities for us to be a part of advancing His Kingdom and His blessings. Don’t miss out on what He has for you, we are still $25,000.00 away from purchasing this sign and we are asking everyone to get involved and be a part of making the difference in our land.

    More to come, Many Blessings to you all,

    Fab Cusson

  9. David Lamb says:

    Thank you everyone for standing up for our right of free speech and freedom of religion. Our society must not drift any further from our commitment to honor God and His entire creation. God is watching. We must do all we can to model justice and righteousness. We must not back down or be intimidated by human laws that are unjust. This is why Christ came to live with us; to know what is right…”For you know O mortal what is right, and what is it the Lord requires of you, but to do Justice, and love mercy, and walk HUMBLY with your God.

    God bless you all

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