Sign dedication ceremony

Signs for Jesus is pleased to announce it will be holding a public sign dedication service on Oct 30, at 1 pm, which will be held in close proximity to the recently installed sign located on the corner of Main street and Rte 4, Chichester NH. A brief history and vision will be shared, followed by praise and worship, a short dedication message and closing prayer. We will be also be joined by our special guest from Warren Arkansas, of The First Free Will Baptist Church.  Signs for Jesus would like to encourage everyone to join in as they devote this sign and land to Lord. There will be ample parking in the rear field, for more information please visit the website at or contact Fab at 603 235 6469.

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Signs for Jesus founder gives thanks

Electronic messages:

Calling it a miracle, Bible verses finally delivered for Route 4 drivers.


Union Leader Correspondent

CHICHESTER — Fab Cusson is a man who believes in miracles, and he believes it was as series of miracles and a vision from God that finally allowed him to erect an electronic sign on Route 4 in Chichester displaying a different Bible verse every day.

Cusson, who describes himself as a former OxyContin addict who beat his addiction through religion, is the founder of Signs for Jesus, a non-profit organization that aims to have similar signs installed nationwide.

When the Chichester Planning Board first denied Cusson’s request to install the sign on land he purchased at the intersection of Route 4 and Main Street, he found himself questioning if in fact he really was instructed by God to build the sign. But throughout the entire process, his belief helped guide him through any speed bumps along the way, he said.

“At one point I heard I couldn’t even have a sign at all,” he said. “I had to reflect on where I had come from, and it made me question if I really heard from him. In the end I knew I did, and he made it possible.”

Cusson also received help from the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance in defense of religious freedom, and attorney Michael Tierney. The Chichester ban of electronic signs was then ruled invalid because it was not properly informed to the public. Because of this, there was a five-year window where this ban was null. Cusson said the timing of this was yet another miracle because it was one month away from the five-year timeline.

But now that Cusson’s vision has come to fruition, his desire is take Signs for Jesus national. He got his opportunity for a second sign after being contacted by a man from Warren, Ark., who had nearly an identical vision to build a similar sign along the road. After hearing about Cusson’s story, the two got together and were able to make it a reality.

“He called me up and said he had a dream,” Cusson said. “It was exactly the dream I had through the Lord.”

Through building these signs nationally, the idea is to have the same Bible verse displayed coast to coast on the same day. By doing this, Cusson hopes to unite the country and allow communication to occur through God’s words.

“It will unite all of America it will be an incredible way to communicate,” he said. “The Bible says faith comes through hearing and hearing comes through God.”

Signs for Jesus will host a public dedication ceremony at 2 p.m. Oct. 30. As of now, the sign has been operating for about a week along with a control house with a banner advertising Cusson’s website He hopes to have a non-electronic display of his web address on top of the Bible verse sign in the future.

Though it is unsure of where exactly the next sign will be, it will most likely be in New Hampshire, he said. For now though, Cusson is glad to finally see his vision become a reality.

Fab Cusson is a man who believes in miracles, and he believes it was as series of miracles and a vision from God that finally allowed him to erect an electronic sign on Route 4 in Chichester displaying a different Bible verse every day.

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a reflection…



A little more than two years ago began the journey and vision for Signs for Jesus. We encountered many “no’s” and many overwhelming obstacles, The Lord Jesus met each no and each obstacle with a Yes and Amen! Next week, were it all started, Chichester NH, the sign arrives! A huge thank you to all those who supported me. For in giving me this proverbial “cup of water” you actually gave it to Him. We are those who believe in the power of God’s Word to transform lives, communities, nations; not speaking with our own catchy- pithy riddles and rhymes, but rather letting God do all the talking. Simply trusting God at His Word… So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God.

Please pray with us for smooth, prompt installation and training! Stay tuned for the sign dedication date!

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Sign for Jesus in Warren Arkansas

Just coming in, the two sided, 7 x12 led sign for Jesus  located on highway 63 (N) Warren, Arkansas is going up! Photos and details to follow…

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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To the Glory of God

Praise the Lord we have begun clearing the land and making preparations for the sign and control room in Chichester NH! A big thank you to all those who donated money, equipment and skills.

Looking for financial support, many invitations were sent out to the local area churches. Praise the Lord, we have raised $24,000.00 toward this location. We still need to raise another $30,000.00 before we can completely pay for the sign and control room. So now we are going  into the streets with the same invitation. This is an opportunity not just for our churches, but for all to be involved in what God is doing.

I’m clear on this, God confirmed it so many times, the sign will go up. The Lord is more then capable of raising this sign. The present opportunity is for us, to be involved in the same things He has involved Himself in! As the sign says, TO THE GLORY OF GOD! By getting involved your saying, I believe in the power of God’s Word and together we will bring glory to God!

It can be difficult asking for donations, though we face the reality, which is,  we need funds to purchase the signs.  We are asking everyone who believes in this campaign to get involved with a financial gift today. Your simply investing in your future, even better, in anothers. Please share this news with friends, at your churches and with your Pastor and help us get this site completed.

To donate using Pay Pal click the link below and then click the donate button to the right of the screen or you can mail your checks made payable to:

Signs For Jesus

PO Box 592

Epsom NH 03234:

Signs for Jesus is a 501(c) 3 corporation.

Blessings Fab Cusson



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His ‘sign for Jesus’ may shine after all

April 9, 2011

The saga of Fab Cusson’s proposed “sign for Jesus” in Chichester appears to have ended with resurrection.

Beginning this past summer, Cusson had sought to build an electronic sign at the intersection of Route 4 and Main Street that quotes daily Bible passages. He was first shot down by the zoning board, but he won an appeal by arguing a town-wide ban on electronic message signs had been invalidly adopted.

Then the planning board rejected his proposal, voting 4-3 against it in February because of safety concerns about the sign distracting drivers at a main intersection. In response, the Alliance Defense Fund, a religious-freedom group representing Cusson, filed a federal lawsuit in Concord arguing that Cusson’s sign should be treated no differently than gas price signs at the same intersection.

Thursday night, the planning board changed its tune. In a 5-2 vote with little discussion, the board reversed its decision and allowed Cusson to erect the 6-by-4-foot sign.

Cusson finally got the building permit yesterday.

“The Lord told me to buy that land and put up a sign. And ever since then, it’s been obstacle after obstacle,” he said. “But it seems that every time an obstacle pops up, down it goes.”

Cusson, a former OxyContin addict who says he turned his life around by following Jesus, intends to control the sign remotely from his home in Barnstead. Over the internet, he would change the sign to a new Bible verse every day.

After appearing on national television in his push for the sign, Cusson said a man in Warren, Ark., is in the process of building a sign that Cusson would also control remotely. Another sign might be built in Missouri, Cusson said, and his vision is to oversee a network of “signs for Jesus” nationwide.

Now, Cusson must raise the money to build the Chichester sign. He was wiped out by spending thousands of dollars during the town application process, he said, and needs to raise $40,000 to $45,000 to complete the project.

“I’m just waiting on the Lord now to lead,” he said. Cusson said he plans to have the sign up by August and donations can be made at

Tom Jameson, who chaired the planning board until Thursday night, said he was unsure why board members switched their opinion. Jameson had previously voted in favor of Cusson’s proposal and did so again on Thursday.

“All I can say is we had no hard evidence that the sign was going to be a significant safety hazard,” Jameson said.

Cusson said planning board members Stanley Brehm and Allen Mayville voted in favor of the proposal Thursday after previously voting against it. Brehm declined comment about his vote yesterday and Mayville could not be reached.

Planning board members Richard Moore and Thomas Houle still opposed the sign, Cusson said.

Kevin Mara, who took over the chairmanship of the board from Jameson on Thursday, also voted in favor of the sign both times. Jameson and Mara said they had no indication that the federal lawsuit changed board members’ opinions.

“Mr. Jameson and I both thought bringing up the safety issue in the ninth hour without any facts to back it up may have been a bit weak,” Mara said.

(Matthew Spolar can be reached at 369-3309 or


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Chichester Planning board reverses it’s decision!

Chichester Planning Board

Minutes of Meeting

April 7, 2011

Members Present:  Chairman Thomas Jameson, Vice-Chairman Richard Moore, Ex-Officio Jeffrey Jordan, Stan Brehm, Thomas Houle, Kevin Mara, Allen Mayville, Richard Arell and Jamie A Pike, Secretary.

Chairman Jameson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

The minutes of March 9, 2011 were reviewed.  A minor grammatical correction was made.  Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Jameson to approve the minutes as corrected.  Motion passes.

Reconsideration of Decision

Bethal Builders, (AKA: Signs for Jesus): Site Review, Map 4 Lot 168, located at 136 Dover Road

Mr. Arell recused himself for the purposes of this reconsideration as he was not present during the previous meeting regarding this application. Pursuant to RSA 673:111, Chairman Jameson appointed Mr. Houle as a voting member for the purpose of this reconsideration in the place of Mr. Arell.

The Board briefly discussed the merits of the application and the dimensions of the proposed sign and potential conditions of approval.

Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Jameson and seconded by Mr. Jordan to conditionally approve the application as previously submitted with final approval upon the submission of an approved sign permit and driveway permit, both issued by the State of New Hampshire.  Motion passes 5:

Praise the Lord!

Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings,crying, Grace, grace unto it.


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Alliance Defense Fund

Signs for JesusCall it a sign of the times: the town leaders of Chichester, New Hampshire moved recently to short-circuit plans by a local non-profit to put up a roadside electronic message sign on its own private property.

Signs for Jesus wanted to display Bible verses on the six-by-four-foot sign – a different verse every day – and since a number of other businesses along the same public road flash regular electronic messages of their own, the idea seemed harmless enough. In fact, the previous owner of the property, a woodworking shop, had maintained a non-electronic sign of similar size in virtually the same spot.

But the town planning board took a dim view of this particular sign, which some worried would flash “objectionable” Scriptures. One board member expressed concern that, because the sign would communicate a message, it might be more distracting to drivers than comparable signs that “just inform drivers about the price of gas.”

“If motorist reaction is a serious concern, the town would be better off banning displays of the current price of gas,” says ADF Senior Counsel Joseph Infranco. Nevertheless, he adds, “Town officials may not single out religious content over concerns on how passing motorists will react. Christian organizations shouldn’t be censored by a city’s zoning officials because the messages of their street signs happen to be religious in nature.”

After numerous appeals, planning officials eventually approved the sign unanimously – but then, on February 9, denied site plan approval in a 4-3 decision, still citing concerns that lit-up Bible verses might create a traffic hazard by distracting drivers on a busy road.

With that in mind, ADF allied attorney Michael J. Tierney of Manchester (one of nearly 1,900 attorneys in the ADF alliance) filed a lawsuit on March 14 against Chichester officials, citing their violation of the U.S. Constitution and the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Person Act, which prohibits the government from singling out nonprofit religious organizations for discrimination in zoning matters.

Please be in prayer for this case, and for so many like it all over the country, where local officials are moving more and more aggressively to inhibit the witness and community involvement of churches, ministries, and Christian non-profits.





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USA Information Radio Network Interview

God Bless the ADF!

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Signs for Jesus backer files suit against town

Discrimination alleged:

Chichester accused of violating free speech rights, land use laws.


Union Leader Correspondent

CHICHESTER — The Barnstead man who tried to place a 4-by-6 “Sign for Jesus” on his Route 4 property has filed a lawsuit against the town of Chichester in federal court. Fabrizio Cusson’s legal expenses are being paid for by the Alliance Defense Fund, a national Christian activist group, which says the Chichester planning board’s refusal to allow the sign is religious discrimination. “Christian organizations shouldn’t be censored by a city’s zoning officials because the messages of their street signs happen to be religious in nature,” said Joseph Infranco, a senior attorney for ADF. “(Chichester) officials are in violation of the U.S. Constitution and federal law by denying a permit for this sign based on its content.”

The seven-count lawsuit also alleges violations of free speech and state land use laws.

The planning board voted 4-3 on Feb. 9 not to allow the sign. The board ruled the sign caused a “potential for collision” of vehicles with drivers distracted by the sign’s message.

Cusson, a former OxyContin addict who said he got clean about six years ago by reading the Bible, purchased the property at the corner of Route 4 and Main Street specifically to erect an electronic, Bible versedisplaying sign. He originally proposed a 12-foot sign, but reduced the size after some officials expressed concerns.

“I struggled as to whether or not I should do this (lawsuit) and to have Signs for Jesus introduced into this area this way,” Cusson told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “But I couldn’t overlook all the miracles God has done since we set out to do this. If I give up now, it’s like telling God I give up.”

Jamie Pike, administrative assistant at Chichester Town Hall, said Wednesday that town officials have not received the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday.

In the lawsuit, Cusson’s attorney, Michael Tierney, takes aim at the planning board’s January decision to approve an electronic sign for Bobcat of New Hampshire on Route 4, which he described as “nearly identical” to Cusson’s proposed Jesus sign.

“The plaintiff’s proposal for a Signs for Jesus sign has been treated differently than nonreligious, commercial signs” that were approved, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit pointed out that two gas stations with electronic signs are located across the street from Cusson’s site.

As to concerns the sign could increase car accidents, Tierney said the town had “not adopted any regulations granting the planning board the authority to deny signs based on the sign’s proximity to an intersection.”

He also noted that no traffic study was conducted to determine if the sign would caused more accidents.

Some board members had questioned whether Signs for Jesus is a legitimate business. However, in the months before last month’s meeting, Cusson had formed a board of directors and got the group recognized as a nonprofit organization by the Secretary of State’s Office.

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